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Wet towel business unit: + 86-871-68100008

Printing Division: + 86-871-63543338

Tissue paper plant Division: + 86-871-68100008



Foreign operations: Su: 13888034555


Domestic business:

          Kunming: Lee: 13759130264


                Xingyi Office: Mr. Zhang 13908598238

                Mangshi Office: Mr. Qian 13,578,278,833

                Dali Office: Mr. Zhang 13618803317

                Qujing Office: Wang 13769822257

                Lijiang Office: Lin 18388848817

                Lincang Office: Miss Zhang 13308832807

                Maitreya Office: Miss Ma 15911375793

                Red River Office: Mr. Wu 13987189939

                Jinghong Office: Mr. Meng 13888573135

                Baoshan Office: Mr. Liu 13577500366

                Xinping office: Lee 15987739361

                Liupanshui Office: Mr. Peng 18216555453

                Guizhou Hezhang Office: 18212568293 Chow

                Zhaotong Office: zhu 132 7869 9002

                Puer Office:pu 18387766926


Purchasing Department: Miss Liu: Business QQ: 2355634529



Enterprise QQ: Yang: 2355634549

Ministry of Personnel QQ: Mbayu: 2355634554

Business QQ: Zhang: 2355634562

Design QQ: Lee: 2,355,634,541

Purchasing QQ: Miss Liu: 2355634529

Purchasing Delivery Information Email:



Username: Yunnan Xing Liang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Bank: Kunming Wuhua rural row with the West Zhu Credit Union Cooperative Union (hereinafter: 524 West Zhu Credit Union)

Account Number: 010-002-773-045-7012

Address: Kunming Wuhua sheep cents slope Road 2 (Phuket Road towards the direction of the rich over the next four seasons floral middle two hundred meters before the line to turn right uphill Springs Hotel that is)

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Kunming headquarters: Kunming District, Yunnan City, Wuhua Province, Yang cents South Road, No. 2
Zip code: 650102 Tel: 0871-68100008 Fax: 0871-65397226
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