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Yunnan Xing Liang Industrial Co. Ltd which is provided with a packaging and printing division (Xing Liangpackaging printing plant tissue), division (Xing Liang paper products factory), wipes division (Xingliang wet towelfactory).

Since the company was founded 17 years, continuously cultivate, attract talent, formed a "R & D, production,sales, service" as one corporate entity. Xing Liang who holds "Xing Jiang Liang unbounded" business philosophy,to "go to work, bright life" spirit of enterprise, to provide better service and quality products for the vast number of consumers.

Yunnan Xing Liang Industrial Co. Ltd which tissue division (Xing Liang paper products factory) was founded in 1999, mainly the production of disposable household paper, restaurant paper etc., all staff through the companyfifteen years of efforts, the company has now become the Yunnan large advertising paper products production and sales enterprise, the company has a long-term and stable cooperation partner of nearly ten thousand.

Yunnan Xing Liang Industrial Co., Ltd.'s division (Xing Liang wipes wipes factory - Kunming Shu Qiya daily necessities Co. Ltd.) was founded in 2001, R & D, the company is committed to professional disposable sanitary wet towel manufacturing, Yunnan is the only one the production of environmental protection hygiene wipes series product enterprise, the company has one hundred thousand clean workshop level, has advanced automatic wetproduction line, now occupies a large market share in the southwest wipes market, favored by the vast number of consumers and support. Professional production of various kinds of lotion wipes, women and children only wipes,Jieyin care wipes, electronic product special cleaning wipes, wet towel wipes advertising oem.

Yunnan Xing Liang Industrial Co., Ltd under the banner of the packaging and printing division (Xing Liangpackaging printing factory) was founded in 2003, now has more advanced computer southwest ten full-colorprinting and non solvent composite production line. Specializing in the production of various plastic packaging,advertising fence film, standard bottles bottle labels, shrink film, high temperature cooking bag series, food packaging bags, aluminum foil bag, liquid packaging film, all kinds of leaflets, handbags, recipes, sets of chopsticksand other packaging, and many well-known enterprises have long-term cooperation, product quality has been recognized customer.



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